2014 Kanga Spring Season


BLT Vs Liabilities Round 1 BLT 0.8.8 (56) defeated Liabilities 1.0.4 (13)

Goals – BLT: Mick Armstrong 7, Mattie Lyons 1

Liabilities: Sara Daji 1

Best – BLT: Tim Watts, Mick Armstrong, Alex Price

Liabilities: Tom Steele, Gareth Smith, Lisa Wilson

BLT opened their season’s account with a commanding 43 point victory over the Liabilities.

Kanga debutant Tim Watts put in a dazzling display in the centre, combining dangerously with Alex Price and Ronan O’Morain to get the Blues running game off to an ominous start. BLT welcomed back favorite daughter Suzie Richards, while spring Goldenboot Mick Armstrong snagged seven sausage rolls in an impressive display and Reanne Kurnof attacked the ball ferociously to provide a strong target. After failing in the wet in last season’s Grand Final, Caprain Morain was more optomisitc about this performance: “Our horses run much better on dry ground!”, he quipped.

Speaking of horses, Aaron Williams failed to trouble the scorers for the first time in his career in a forgetable night for the Liabilities. Sara Daji rammed home a fine super goal in one of few highlighlights for the pinks, who ran hard but could not penetrate their opponents’ defence. Gareth Smith was again dominant however, while Lisa Wilson and Tom Steele were prolific throughout. “A good run despite missing Diego and Occa”, said Tom Steele, “Unfortunately we couldn’t get the score on the board tonight”.

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Touchy Touchy Vs AIL Round 1 Touchy Touchy 0.12.3 (75) defeated AIL 3.0.1 (28)

Goals – Touchy Touchy: Adam Benedykt 8, Mark Adams 4

AIL: Annie Mac 3

Best – Touchy Tocuhy: Adam Benedykt, Miranda Haslem, Mark Adams

AIL: Stuart Wettenhall, Annie Mac, Nick Sulman

Deadly accurate Touchy Touchy ruthlessly disposed of the AILs in a fast-paced match to start the Summer Season.

Veteran midfielder Adam Benedykt moved forward in an inspired move to slam home a career-best eight goals to lead the league’s goal kicking table. He was ably supprted by fellow livewire forward Mark Adams who contibuted four majors, while Miranda Haslem and Trent Smith led the way for the voctorious Reds. “It was a solid hit out against good opposition!”, said Captain Chris Hinds. “Our forwards kicked well and great link up play by the entire team. JC, Brat and Jimmy may struggle to force their ay back into the team!”

For the Yellows, Annie Mac’s three first half goals gave her side some early hope, but they were unable to mtch the structure of the Reds as the game wore on. Nick Sulman and Stewart Wettenhall were particularly outstanding, while Matty Barton provided a good contest throughout. “Perfect conditions”, said Skipper Annie Mac, “We were just short of the mark, but will be harder to beat in the coming weeks”. With the return of Will and Jono next week, it is predicted that the AIL bandwagon is about to roll in to town.
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Wildcats Vs Average Joes Round 1 Wildcats 1.4.2 (35) defeated Average Joes 0.4.4 (28)

Goals – Wildcats: Dave McGill 4, Lisa Wilson 1

Average Joes: James Sullivan 4

Best – Wildcats: Maddy, Olivia Potts, Dan Weymouth

Average Joes: James Sullivan, Tom Barnes, Chloe Romeo

In the match of the round, Wooden Spooners, the Avearge Joes, gave Premiers the Wildcats a massive scare, eventually falling short by just seven points in a cracking game.

The Wildcats were best served by Dave McGill in the forward arc, with four goals, while Dan Weymouth was unstoppable in defence. Matty Shannon was everywhere in the midfield and Maddy’s sticky fingers were a feature of the Blacks’ silky skills, while newly appointed Captain Olivia Potts played a great game in her first match as leader. “It was a tough game with so many new players”, she said, “but in the end, we were able to get the job done”.

For the Greens, Tom Barnes was a rock in defence and showed that he will be a force in the Summer comp, combining well with the dangerous James Sullivan who ended with four goals in an intriguing battle with Dan Weymouth. Jane and Marcus were in the thick it throughout, while ‘Frenchy’ Romeo was zippy and fleet-footed in the loss. “It was oir best game yet”, said Skipper Grant Starec. “Beward the Average Joes in Round 2…”

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Wildcats Vs Aveage Joes Round 2 Wildcats 2.3.2 (38) defeated Liabilities 0.3.7 (25)

Goals – Wildcats: Annie Mac 2, Glynn Elves 2, Dan Ayo 1

Liabilities: Gareth Smith 2, Dave Ellison 1

Best – Wildcats: Bertrand Coppe, Glynn Elves, Dave McGill

Liabilities: Lisa Wilson, Diego Bagalini, Tom Steele

Spring Premiers, the Wildcats, came up against a rugged and determined pink unit to kick off round 2, and despite their customary scare, triumphed with a late surge.

The Liabilities peppered the goals, having 30% more scoring opportunities than their opponents, but were unable to come up with the goods when it mattered. Near misses to star recruit Lisa Wilson and Gareth Smith in the dying minutes proved costly, as the pinks went down by 13 points. Despite the loss, Sicilian superstar Diego Bagalini was explosive, while Lisa, Gareth and Steph Barker were in top form. “We were in it to our eyeballs”, said losing skipper Tommy Steele. “But in the end, just like the Socceroos, we couldn’t quite get over the line. I hate to point the finger of blame, but Mark Pamphlin has a lot to answer to”.

For the winners, it was French recruit Bertrand Coppe, affectionately known as Bertie, who was the talking point. His ability to learn the game quickly and dominate around the ground with several contested marks and fine kicking, suggests he will be a very good player for the blacks. He was well supported by the usual suspects Ayo, Elves, Gilly and Olivia, while Annie Mac provided the icing on the cake with two super goals to ensure victory for the defending premiers. “Our toughest game yet!”, said a relived Olivia Potts, “I hope our players can recover from injury and be on hand next week to keep us unbeaten!”

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BLT Vs AIL Round 2 BLT 4.5.6 (72) defeated AIL 0.2.4 (16)

Goals – BLT: Mick Armstrong 5, Reanne Kurnof 4

AIL: Nick 1, Nick Sulman 1

Best – BLT: Reanne Kurnof, Dan Weymouth, Alex Price

AIL: Liz, Jono Green, Annie Mac

BLT retained their status as league leader with a powerful 56 point win over the Aussies in London. AIL kicked into gear late in the game, finally getting reward for their hard work with several shots on goal, including both yellow Nicks slamming through well deserved goals. AIL were well served by Liz, Jono and skipper Annie Mac inparticular and will be a dangerous outfit as they welcome back Will and Stewart next round. “It was a mammoth improvement from last time we played Blue”, said Annie, “Well done to our team”.

For BLT, Reanne Kurnof played her finest game, attacking the ball with gusto and ramming home four super goals in a best-on-field display. Her fellow forward Mick Armstrong kicked a game-high five goals, while Alex Price and Dan Weymouth were particularly damaging. “It was a slow start, but after the break, it was the Reanne show!, said acting skipper, Dan. “Next week we will come out breathing fire against the Reds!”.

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Touchy Touchy Vs Average Joes Round 2 Touchy Touchy 1. 10. 9 (78) defeated Average Joes 1.2.2 (23)

Goals – Touchy Touchy: James Brathwaite 5, Ad Benedykt 4, Miranda Haslem 1, Mark Adams 1
Average Joes: James Sullivan 1, Frenchy Romeo 1, Tom Barnes 1

Best – Touchy Touchy: Miranda Haslem, Chris Hinds, Ad Benedykt
Average Joes: Frenchy Romeo, Ciaran Sanders, Tom Barnes

The Average Joes were overwhelmed by the might of Touchy Touchy in a fast-paced encounter to complete a memorable Round 2. With a goal on the board within the first 30 seconds, the early signs were ominous for the greens as James Sullivan kicked the opener. Ciaran Sanders and Tom Barnes battled hard throughout, but as the game wore on, the reds gained ascendancy and were difficult to twart. Bertie and Chloe proved a starring French connection, combining to cause theReds many headaches,butin the end, were unable to lift their side to victory.”We battled hard”, said Captain Grant Starec,”But we were run off our feet”.
Touchy Touchy staked their clam as premiership contenders with Ad Benedykt continuing his rich form, catapaulting himself to the top of the goal kicking ladder, with four majors. He combined with Brat Brathwaite and Mark Adams to pile on the goals, while Trent smith and Miranda Haslem, provided the run in what was a great performance. “Green envy ade us work hard”, said winning captain Chris Hinds. “It was good to have some subs this week and welcome back Brat with five goals. We had some great coast to coast plays today and are happy to get the points”.

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BLT Vs Touchy Touchy Round 3 BLT 1.9.10 (78) defeated Touchy Touchy 0.2.3 (15)

Goals – BLT: Mick Armstrong 9, Caro Nielsen 1

Touchy Touchy: James Brathwaite 2

Best – BLT: Alex Price, Tim Watts, Dan Weymouth

Touchy Touchy: Toby Raper, Tyler , Chris Hinds
League leaders, the Brixton Liberty Takers ruthlessly disposed of cross-town rivals, Touchy Touchy, by 63 points in a zippy affair to kick off round 3.

Touchy Touchy were without usual stars Ad and Miranda, causing structural changes which created headaches from the outset. Despite the Blues’ dominance, Toby played a blinder of a game; running and marking a particular feature of his game. He was well supported by Tyler, JC and his skipper Cris Hinds, but they were unable to halt the BLT machine. “We were a little bit flat this time around”, lamented Skipper Hinds. “I suspect we will rise from our sleep next week. Hats off to BLT – they had better use of the ball through the midfield”.

For BLT, it was a one-man show up forward with Mick Armstrong going to the top of the Golden Boot ladder with nine majors, while Ree also snagged a classy super goal. Tim, Suzie and Dan all played strong games, while Alex Price was the game’s most prolific possession getter. “Great contest!”, said acting Captain Dan Weymouth. “Mick was disappointing – he should have kicked 15 with the amount of opportunities the midfielders gave him – but his aim was worse than a blind wombat”.

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Liabilities Vs Average Joes Round 3 Liabilities 1.4.5 (38) defeated Average Joes 1.2.2 (23)

Goals – Liabilities: Michael Armstrong 3, Sara Daji 1, Ben O’Donnell 1
Average Joes: James Sullivan 2, Annie Mac 1

Best – Liabilities: Ben O’Donnell, Steph Barker, Tom Steele
Average Joes: Tom Barnes, James Sullivan, Chloe Romero

The Average Joes jumper the Liabilities early to come close to recording their first Kanga Footy victory, but fell narrowly short, after an inspired comeback from the Liabilities.

James Sullivan led the charge for the greens, with French, Dan Lucas, Ciaran Sanders and Tom Barnes also on fire. And when Annie Mac booted a super goal, it looked as though a boil over was on the cards, however in the end it was not to be. “Great effort – we were almost there!” said acting captain Ciaran, who led from the front in the absence of regular skipper, Grant Starec.

For the pinks, despite missing Occa, Diego and Horse, they put up a gallant performance, with Ben O’Donnell proving the star of the show, in a towering performance. Tom Steele and Steph Barker combined well with Sara Daji and fill-in Mick Armstrong to get the job done in what proved a great contest. “It was a slow start, but the Liabilities stuck together firmer than Mark Pamphlin’s hair gel to get the win”, said Captain Steele.

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Aussies in London Vs Wildcats Round 3 Aussies in London 2.4.4 (46) defeated Wildcats 3.2.2 (41)

Goals – AIL: Nick Sulman 4, Annie Mac 2
Wildcats: Lisa Wilson 2, Maddy 1, James Brathwaite 1, Toby Raper 1

Best – AIL: Liz, Ben O’Donnell, Stuart Wettenhall

Wildcats: Maddie, Toby, Dan Weymouth

When the siren goes and a team is leading on the scoreboard, it usually means that they have won. Nick Sulman had other ideas however as he slammed through a superb goal after the siren to win the game for the Aussies in London, in a classic encounter.

Nick Sulman kicked four important goals, but he wasn’t the lone star, as Stuart Wettenhall, Ben O’Donnell and silky smooth Liz went crazy in the final ten minutes to get the yellows home by five points. Captain Annie Mac booted two crucial goals also and was elated after the win: “Yahoo!”, she said, “As heard from the field – you always remember your first time!”

For the Wildcats, who were missing a host of regulars, Maddie played a game to remember, winning countless contests along with Dan Weymouth and the dashing Toby to keep the game alive throughout. With Olivia Potts rallying her troops and instructing the movements from the sidelines, with a broken arm, it looked like her side had done enough, until naughty Nick chimed in to win the game with the final blow. “Great game and a sad one to lose”, said Olivia, “But great job and credit goes to yellow”.

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Touchy Touchy Vs Liabilities Round 4 Touchy Touchy 0.4.6 (30) defeated Liabilities 1.3.1 (28)

Goals – Touchy Touchy: James Brathwaite 3, Ad Benedykt 1
Liabilities: Gareth Smith 2, Lisa Wilson 1, Aaron Williams 1

Best – Touchy Touchy: Ad Benedykt, Trent Smith, Toby Raper
Liabilities: Damian O’Connor, Diego Bagalini, Lisa Wilson

With the winner of the contest able to keep their hopes of making the summer final alive, the stakes were high to kick off Round 4. For the loser however, it would mean a mid-table finish and neither side were willing to give up in a cracking contest, which was decided in the final seconds, as Touchy Touchy triumphed by 2 points.

For the Reds, it was an inspired performance from Ad Benedykt with composed decision making and leadership that helped to get his troops over the line. He was aided by Toby Raper who continued his great form with lots of run and assured ball handling, while the ever-reliable Trent Smith held firm despite the regular forward entries by the pinks. Brat was also instrumental in the win, with a game-high, three sausage rolls. “It was a great close game that went down to the wire. We had a fast start but the Liabilities fought back strong. It was a great match for the spectators”, said Captain Chris Hinds. “In the final minutes, we were sweating like a gypsy with a mortgage”.

With two of their playmakers Horse and Dave returning after holidays, the Pinks looked in promising form after trailing early, with Gareth, Lisa and the Horse himself all hitting the scoreboard. Occa was everywhere, while Jess and Diego were desperate in the closing stages. It all came down to a kick for goal from Gareth with 15 seconds remaining in the match, but the ball drifted left, to miss by the narrowest of margains, and in doing so, the Pinks hopes also drifted away. “It’s always a great game against the Reds”, said Skipper Tommy Steele. “They resisted our comeback well and for that reason, along with others, we hate those Reds”.

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BLT Vs Wildcats Round 4 BLT 1.11.12 (87) defeated Wildcats 0.0.1 (1)

Goals – BLT: Mick Armstrong 11, Caro Nielsen 1
Wildcats: Nil

Best – BLT: Tim watts, Dan Weymouth, Alex Price
Wildcats: Glynn Elves, Bertie Coppe, Maddy Smith

BLT overcame their Spring Season tormentors – the Wildcats – to triumph emphatically by 86 points, to continue their unbeaten record in the Summer.

Missing several key personnel, the Blacks battled bravely, but found the going tough. “Where’s Fordy, Matty Shannon and that tall bloke with the funny hairdo?”, screamed sectors of the crowd, as the Blues took control. French import Bertie Coppe showed his continued star qualities, taking several towering marks and setting up many dangerous plays in partnership with Elvis and Maddy. But in the end, it was a tough night and the Blacks look forward to reloading next round, as their Grand Final hopes are still alive. “Credit to our regulars”, said wounded Captain Olivia Potts. “We aim to win next week and then load up for revenge on BLT in the finals”.

The winners were led by a rampaging midfield, with Alex Price, DanWeymouth and Tim Watts feeding their forwards with scary regularity. Mick Armstrong was on the end of some silver service and ended with 11 goals in a dominant display, while Caro Nielsen snagged a great goal and was breathing fire after the editor of this column failed to credit her as a scorer mistakenly last week. “We are always pleased to beat the Wildcats”, said Dan Weymouth at the Windmill afterward. “Whether that be in fights or on the scoreboard”.

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AIL Vs Average Joes Round 4 Average Joes 1.4.6 (39) defeated AIL 1.4.3 (36)

Goals – Average Joes: Ben O’Donnell 4, Chloe Romero 1
AIL: Nick Sulman 4, Annie Mac 1

Best – Average Joes: Ben O’Donnel, James Sullivan, Marcus Tobacco
AIL: Seb Neylan, Nick Sulman, Will Kiel

In one of the best Kanga contests for 2014, the Average Joes won their first ever match, in an inspired perfomance over the in-form Aussies In London.

The Aussies in London seemed to have all the answers with Nick Sulman threatening to rip the match from the Greens grasp as he kicked four goals and energised his side with several tumbling marks. First gamer, Seb Neylan was also on fire, bringing his teammates into the game and pumping the ball deep throughout the match, while Will and Annie were their usual reliable and prolific selves. In the end however, a behind in the dying seconds denied the Yellows of a memorable comeback and a late tilt at making the Grand Final. “We missed Stew (Wettenhall) tonight. Congrats on the win GreenTeam though”, said Annie Mac after the narrow loss. “Amazing effort from them!”

For the delighted winners who were without playmaker Ciaran Sanders themselves, it was Ben O’Donnell’s aerial dominance and four goals that stole the show. He was a rock all day and provided the towering target that the Greens have been looking for all year. He was ably supported by frenchy who kicked a ripper Super Goal, while Tom Barnes, Marcus Tobacco and James Sullivan were particularly influential in a superb victory.”It was great to pinch our first win!” said Captain Grant Starec, “And importantly play our best footy. Hopefully we can carry the good form into next week”.

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Average Joes Vs BLT Round 5 Average Joes 0.6.6 (42) defeated BLT 0.2.6 (18)

Goals – Average Joes: Grant Starec 3, James Sullivan 3

BLT: Mick Armstrong 2

Best – Average Joes: Tom Barnes, Pricey, James Sullivan

BLT: Tim Watts, Dan Weymouth, Suze Richards

When a bottom team comes up against a league leader and powerhouse, the result is usually predictable. However, BLT were forced to eat their Greens, as the Average Joes dished up a king-sized serving of fierce and furious footy to cause the season’s biggest boil over.

The previously undefeated BLT outfit were given a lesson by the Green army, and had no answers to their quick movement and pressure. Although Tim continued his superb form, and Ree was a constant threat up forward, BLT were simply unable to get their usual game up and rolling.

Suze was able to restrict Average Joe’s Captain Grant goal-less in the first half in a great display, local celebrity Trev Sinclair put in a fine debut, while Alex pumped the ball forward with his usual regularity, but in the end, the competition’s front runners were left licking their wounds. “The Greens got the jump on us and were clearly the better team on the night. They have improved out of sight and are dangerous”, said ruckman Dan Weymouth. “But if anyone from Touchy Touchy is listening – don’t expect us to lose next week”.

For the victors, Tom Barnes was inspirational, punching the ball away from Goldenboot Mick Armstrong with frightening ease. He was well supported by the rampant Pricey, who led his opponents on a merry dance. James Sullivan and Grant Starec were a fine combination up forward and caused the BLT copious headaches in a second-half blitz.

“Tonight we had some great link ups. Our skills were excellent and kicking for goal spot on”, said a delighted skipper Grant, after his second win in as many weeks. “But the key to this win was our defensive pressure, which we will take into next week’s final against the Pinks”.

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Wildcats Vs Touchy Touchy Round 5 Touchy Touchy 0.5.1 (31) defeated Wildcats 0.2.4 (16)

Goals – Touchy Touchy: Ad Benedykt 5
Wildcats: Dan Ayo 2

Best – Touchy Toucch Touchy: Ad Benedykt, Toby Raper, Miranda Haslem

Wildcats: Craig Vanzyl, Glynn Elves, Bertie Coppe

Not since the Wizard of Oz have we seen gusts as blustery as those that greeted the players for the second game of Round 5. And it was the mighty Reds who stormed into the Kanga Final with a whirlwind performance that blew away their opponents.

Last season’s Premiers were in the contest for most of the evening, largely thanks to the skillfull play of Elvis and Ayo, who dominated the contest, despite the loss. But it was South African first-gamer Craig Venzyl and fellow international Bertie Coppe who showed that the Blacks will be hard to tople in next week’s second final. “It was a really good game”, said Captain-Coach Olivia Potts. “Great teamwork from both sides, but there could be only one winner”.

Touchy Touchy’s win came on the back of a fine individual performance by veteran Ad Benedykt who belted through five goals despite the hurricane conditions. With his mum Maree looking on, JC Murraine did his level best to keep the Wildcats in the match with a bizarre good deed in the opening half. With the ball deep in his team’s defence and with his opponent, Sara Daji, laying on the ground, JC chose to help Sara up rather than going for the ball. As she sprung to her feet the ball was swiftly kicked forward, landing in her arms for a shot for goal 10 metres out. It may have reinforced to his mum what a lovely boy he is, but it earned the scold of his teammates.

Thankfully for JC, Miranda was on fire through the midfield and Toby was again in superb touch to help put the error to bed and propell their side to the Grand Final. “I’m not sure what JC was thinking”, said Skipper Chris Hinds, “But it was a quality game and Ad played a blinder. Now for the Final!”

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Liabilites Vs Aussies in London Round 5 Aussies in London 0.9.5 (59) defeated Liabilities 02.5 (17)

Goals – AIL: Dan Ayo 5, Nick Sulman 4
Liabilities: Aaron Williams 2

Best – AIL: Nick Sulman, Stuart Wettenhall, Annie Mac
Liabilities: Dave Ellison, Gareth Smith, Steph Barker

The Liabilies were overwhelmed by an inspired Aussies in London side who ran our fine 42 point winners.

ROaring out of the blocks, the yellows were slick with their movement, as Stuart Wettenhall hit every target in sight, delivering to forwards Dan Ayo and Nick Sulman with stealth-like precision. Annie Mac was the general through the midfield, with smooth assured passes enabling her teammates to put their opponents to the sword. “Hooray”, she said after the win. “It was great to get the win and also pick up the services of Ayo before the match”.

For the Pinks who were without Occa and Diego, they struggled to match the yellows for run and marking dominance. Dave Ellison was near his best however in a typically energetic performance, while Steph, Tom and Gareth were also strong contributers. But in the end, the loss left them languishing on the bottom of the ladder with only next week’s final an opportunity to restore their pride and end on a high note. “It was an unfortunate loss”, said Captain Tom Steele after the defeat. “We need to inject some super-human skill and class into this side to get a win next week. We need Mark Pamphlin.”

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