Award Winners and Match Reports

Match report Rd.8 Wed Sep 20th
It was good shoot out on Wednesday night. Fine conditions once again and a hybrid Duffs blue team got off to a fine start with Demi converting strongly… and Stevie and Dale controlling things but as new players joined they found themselves down a player 6 v 7. Duffy’s switch to the opposition seemed to play with the Duffs minds… questions on the ladder leaders mental strength here. As the game wore on the non-blues lost their mojo… even stalwart defender Miles started missing targets. Junior and Ginge started kicking goals aplenty. BOG Ginge took some fine marks on the lead finding space up forward and got better and better as the game went in. A beauty of a torpedo super goal late was a major highlight 👍 Mason, although not all his dashing runs worked, played pretty well…and we saw a beauty of a falcon from him late on too 😂 And Steve was good too particularly late on always looking to find a target. For the Blues Laura played well in tight in the one-on-ones plus some fine marking spoils. And Reece continued to offer good run and link up play looking to find Demi on the lead who battled on well. But the blues were finding it tough. Duffy (a menace throughout) and Trent (right and left foot) repelled many a forward thrust and despite 2 late goals to Steve in the final 2 minutes it was not enough. Non-blues by 10pts. Best players Ginge, Demi, Duffy, Trent, Reece

Match report Rd.7 Wed Sep 13th

6 on 5 social game of three thirds this week but what a blinder it was for those that played. Definitively the most combative game of the season thus far. It may have just been a social but it was played like a final! Great spirit by all. Both teams played with strong defences making it hard going for the forwards. Few goals were scored. Ever reliable Trent defending for the reds and the rarely flummoxed Miles for the black&blues as the ball was relentlessly ping ponged between the arcs. By the final third the bodies were tiring but the hearts remained willing and we saw ball up after ball up as players fought it out not just to win the ball but not lose it either. It stayed a goal in it and was point for point for the final 5minutes but the reds held on to deny Ginge that super goal winner! The 5 man reds maybe used the ball a little smarter collectively as the 6 man B’s did overcook a few of their kicks. Perhaps that was the difference in the end.
For the losing B’s Simon was at his combative best in the one on ones, Mase worked hard in the midfield and didn’t deserve to be pinged holding the ball late on. A bit iffy that one Hinds 💁‍♂️ Duffy was a powerful asset for the B’s controlling the midfield, solid ball usage and courage throughout. For the winning reds Tommy was an honest contributor, Hinds did his bit and so too JC. Trent was the stand out for the reds with so many intercepting marks, strong and accurate kicking and link up plays through the midfield. It must be said Junior for the B’s and Josh for the reds both covered more ground for their sides than anyone else mopping up from defense, piercing through the midfield and smart leads up forward and both deserved their goals. Perhaps a bit stiff that neither won themselves a pint…well played to all though 👍 Best players Trent, Duffy, Junior, Josh, Tommy.

Match report Rd.6 Wed Sep 6th

6 on 6 social game of three thirds this week after Chris sadly pulled a quad muscle early. Hope it’s healing ok mate 🍀 Weather held up nicely again much like last week. Jamie was super consistent and played a blinder and new guy (is he a Duff or a Giant?) Josh played great footy – took a lovely one hander late on. Junior and Owen also played well. Demi kicked a nice long super goal early and competed well all day. There was a contentious call from Hinds on his own touch on Jamie despite missing by the hand paying the free for a touch foot on foot… the umpire review board gave Hinds a battering late on and has demanded a formal apology to Jamie 🙁 Despite this dodgy call the game pressed on. And it remained pretty tight with just a super goal in it with 1 minute to go. And Laura did super well after kick in to race down from deep in defense in time to lead out as full forward to present for a mark but she could not quite hold on. And as soon as the ball hit the ground the whistle was blown and that was it… the margin was 8 points. Best Players Jamie, Josh, Junior, Owen, Demi

Round 5 report
Lots of rain early in the day meant the grounds were wet but a fine night once again for footy… no breeze and another lovely sunset. Black v White for the first one… and started with 5 on 5 and played across 3 thirds 💁‍♂️well why not indeed. Wozza won the first tap. Dale was looking slim and sharp in his black outfit… and a danger man for the Drongo Chasers. Star Drongo Simon started well so too Hinds. Zabs in her last Kanga Footy outing was up for a big one and was presenting strongly up forward. It was quite an arm wrestle. For the 2nd phase it was 7 on 7 and finally Gentle Giants Gone Mad had their team leader Mase arrive set to rally his troops and make things happen.. for a team still looking for its first outright win. He did look a tad weary post his 10k run 😉 but rally he did. The inspired Wozza and Reece winning plenty of contested ball and relentlessly hacking the ball forward up to star forward Laura who was looking very dangerous but could not quite convert all her work on the scoreboard. For the Drongos Jamie’s smooth moving plays out of defense was working a treat. And Zabs then scored a fine super. Simon became more of a menace as the game wore on goaling early and then Hinds finding him late on in the third for another to see the Drongos 3 goals clear by the end for a great win 👍DC 1:2:4 – 25 d GGGM 0:0:3 – 3
Best Players Simon, Zabs, Hinds, Laura, Wozza
Goals Simon 2, Zabs

The next game was 1 v 2.. the Duffs have proven they are a master class for this comp but the Touchys were here to find a chink in their armour. By now Hinds’ tights had attracted a lot of attention…for obvious reasons. Suffice to say we had a season high for those that just came to watch. The sky blues had their collective mojo working from the start. Dale, Miles, Keepy and Duffy sharing the ball around at will. Stevie and Wozza used their height to mark or at least get the ball to ground if not doing that. And power forward Demi was marking well and scoring goals almost at will. The reds tried their best with Trent and Ads down back Zabs and Flynn forward and Jc and Hinds in the guts.. but they were struggling to find their forwards. Dale always at the right spot at the right time 😎 But Flynn did get to find space in front of Dale to score one for the reds giving them something to celebrate at halftime. And as the game wore on the benchless Mighty Duffs seemed to be getting tired and perhaps losing some of their might. Junior started to cause problems with his strong marking, pace and exquisite ball use. Hinds pulled down a few strong marks and Flynn got on the end of another. Then late on Ads got an amazing goal deep in the pocket on a very tight angle. Just 8 points in it. Could they come back to pinch it? And the ball again looked to be on its way down to Flynn in a prime spot to mark and convert another… but the moment came for super star Duffy to take an amazing one handed mark for the Duffs when running back with the flight of ball 😳That was the turning point. The Duffs would hold on. Inspirational stuff from Duffy… a guy who I should say scored 2 absolutely sensational goals last week too by the way 👍😉 MD 3:0:1 – 28 d TT 0:3:2 – 20
Best Players Sam, Demi, Dale, Hinds, Flynn
Goals Demi 3, Flynn 2, Ads

Round 5 fixtures -:

6.40pm Gentle Giants Gone Mad v Drongo Chasers
7.20pm Touchy Touchy v Mighty Duffs

Round 4 report
Well Summer is officially back and we saw two great matches this week played amidst a beautiful sunset on the smaller but cosy field nearer to Windmill Drive. First it was Touchy Touchy looking to smooth over the cracks versus a Drongos side looking to widen those cracks. TT was missing ageing stalwart Ads but had new boy Flynn up forward and he didn’t disappoint with a stand out match plucking out some almighty grabs and accurate kicks for goal to see the reds kicking clear. Ginge was equally as impressive for the reds playing up forward marking strongly and continues to be a lovely kick for goal. The whites, missing the athletic Rhodri, still had Simon and Mick in there competing hard for the ball as usual and it was a tight contest really. But some polished work from Brat in the ruck plus Trent & Hinds combining well more than once to quickly clear the ball out of defense and into attack kept Touchy in control.. and the two potent forwards just kept presenting and presenting… and eventually wore down their opposition. Reds by 34 points. 3-3-4 to 0-2-3.
Best Players Flynn, Ginge, Hinds, Trent, Simon
Goals Ginge 3, Flynn 3, Simon 2

Sadly Cass was injured helping out in Game 1 (a pity as was playing great footy 🙁) so Zabs & Siobhan helped out the sky blues in Game 2 and both girls were highly potent over their black rivals in Ginge & Laura in this one. Zabs in particular with many dashing runs from half back and link up play by hand or foot. For the blacks Junior did well to negate many a Duff forward thrust. Both Mason & Jamie played solid games. Reece battled on manfully. And throw in the ever dependable Cyrille who took an almighty mark up forward and converted well for his first major 😙 for his team. But, let’s face it, this Duffs outfit is pretty special… first gamer Stevie bagged 4 goals despite strong attention from Trent. Owen also got 4 goals plus did lots of solid work when in defense. And this evergreen classy midfield in Keepy, Duffy, Dale and last, but not least, Miles who had his break-out game 😳 this week, rarely fumbling, winning many contested footy plus lots of overlap run from defense and into attack. The Duffs got more and more on top as the game wore on…by the final “siren” the margin was 8 goals. 0.9.3 to 0.1.2.
Best Players Zabs, Miles, Dale, Junior, Owen
Goals Stevie 3, Owen 3, Duffy 2, Dale, Cyrille

Trent, Jc, me, Flynn, Ginge, Siobhan, Brat
Cass, Zabs, Lindsay, Simon, Mick, Jamie, Reece

Dale, Owen, Miles, Duffy, Steve, Chris, Keepy, Cass, Siobhan, Zabs
Mase, Jamie, cyrille, Laura, Ginge, junior, Steve, Reece, Trent. Tom?

Round 4 fixtures
6.50 Touchy Touchy v Drongo Chasers
7.30 Gentle Giants v Mighty Duffs
Due to weekend events this Wed night we will play on the smaller field 50-100m south from where we usually play.

Round 3 report
Two matches this week first the uncompromising Duffs taking on the Drongos. First half was a tight contest and highly physical. Captain Simon was trying to inspire his team. Ably served by Rhodri in defense. But Dale, Owen and Demi were unrelenting to have the Duffs 2 goals up. In the 2nd half it was more one way traffic. Owen converted a few goals. Dale was everywhere sureing up the defense, stinging setup plays from the middle and nailing 2 goals late on. BOG 👍Demi also prolific throughout winning plenty of one on ones. Ended up a 5 goal victory.
Best Players Dale, Demi, Owen, Simon, Rhodri
Goals Owen 3, Dale 2, Simon, Duffy

A depleted Touchy side played a full Mad Giants outfit for Game 2. Thanks to Chris G for umpiring this to allow old timer Hinds to play for the reds. New guy Reece showed a bit early for the blacks. Alex speedy and alert and Trent measured as usual for the reds. Touchy missed a lot of chances with the blacks struggling to get the ball past centre. Demi scored a super goal to have reds 10pts clear at half time. Dale was added to giants team for 2nd half making it tough work for the ageing reds players aka Hinds/JC but somehow they held up as a team. Although Laura got into the game with several marks and possessions and Ginge getting a goal for the blacks at full time Touchy had a 3pt win… lucky too as when the ump blew the whistle to end the match the ball was about to be kicked down to an open Ginge at full forward. Nail-bitingly close 😉
Best Players Trent, Demi, Alex, Ginge, Laura
Goals Ginge, Demi

Round 3 fixtures
6.50 Mighty Duffs v Drongo Chasers
7.30 Gentle Giants v Touchy Touchy

Round 2 report
Last Wednesday night saw 16 Kangas fight it out in the cold and the rain (well it’s a winter game really 😉) and keenly watched on by only spectator Karu with 100% commitment out there by the tree in behind the goals at the Windmill Drive end. As for teams it was pretty much the Mighty Duff’s versus the rest – a make shift team littered with new Giant recruits (hence the name change for the blacks) and throw in the odd red or white. Full squads for all 4 teams are expected to return next Wed night for Rd.3. Here it was a tough slog then.. 8 v 8. And finding space was not going to be easy. That is unless you shanked the ball over the east side puddles as clever pre-game boundary planning saw a considerable extension to the east wing… who was gonna use their footy smarts and use the granted space here?
Early on it was the sky blue stars Dale, Sam & Miles slicing through their opposition with their pin-point passing in the middle and out wide linking up well to cut inside to find their pacey forward in Keepy who duly converted.. twice. But the black tops were fighting hard led by rising star nominee Cyrille from defence and first gamer Mik who picked up the nuances of the Touch version of the game in no time.
For much of the 2nd & 3rd quarters the footy was played between the arcs.. Mason/Trent patrolling the centre zone for Black.. and Dale/Miles for blue. Despite the driving rain and the ball getting heavier skill levels remained first rate… Mik’s field kicking was superb throughout. Dale the same and he kicked an absolute beauty of a goal deep and wide out on the boundary.
And we were seeing a ding dong duel between the wily, strong bodied sky blue defender Demi versus the no nonsense give-it-to-me black forward Ginge. The points were Ginge’s in the end as she nailed two critical supers. And then it was another first gamer in Aussie Laura who sparked into action getting 2 supers herself one from a very tight angle. Simon presented strongly as usual and banged through 3 of his own for the black tops and the margin blew out to 17 points.
Nearing the end English Laura stabbed a beauty of a pass right into Keepy’s guts and he got his third to reduce the deficit to 11 points.. Miles then found Keepy with a minute left for another shot on goal slight angle 25 yards out but his shot on goal fell short…marked on the goal line by the ever-reliable JC. Was it tired legs or a heavy ball… perhaps a bit of both? But it has to be said it was good defending to get the numbers back and the black tops help on to get a memorable win.
Reds, Whites and Blacks all granted a point and the not so Mighty Duff’s have a week to ponder what could have been. And are no doubt hurting inside. But with the return of stars and co-captains Lisa & Owen plus this raging fire they now have in the belly it’s good luck to who gets to play them next week…😳
Best Players Mick, Dale, Ginge, Cyrille, Miles
Goals Simon 3, Keepy 3, Dale 3, Ginge 2, Laura 2, Duffy

Round 2 fixtures
7.10 Touchy / Drongos / Giants v Duffs

Round 1 report
A few apologies late in the day meant we had only 18 so we formed a combined Drongo/Duffs team to play a combined Touchy/Giants team. With an even 8 on 8 at the start the Duffs dominated play and rarely turned the ball over such was the skill in particular Owen and his 3 Hawk recruits.. Anthony, Miles & Samuel. Zabs winning contested footy and down back Demi..a constant nuisance. Throw in first timer “Boxer” Carl intercepting/diving on the ball relentlessly whenever it came his way. Simon found space like a true forward to bang thru 3 early goals.
The arrival of Trent then later JC meant for the 2nd qtr the Stacks had 2 extra players but still they struggled to get their hands on the ball. And when they did they too easily turned the ball over. Brat/Ads were finding things particularly tough up forward. First Brat then Ads coming away from a pack mark attempt seeing stars. It was dark and gloomy and late in the day but not that late. As a positive Cyrille remained a stoic and fearless combatant as usual and Junior tried to be creative with his run but at halftime they were still 20 points down.
In the 2nd half Chris tried a little to help the weaker team but only when the ball fell his way (his usual game). The Duffs continued to show class. Zabs playing well as a link up forward. But those oldies but goodies (aka Ads, Brat and Jc) started to show their touch footy smarts (minus the run). And Laura played her best quarter for the season. Mason too started to throw his weight around. These so called Drongo Duffs looked to be tiring. JC had a chance to reduce the margin right on the siren but I’m afraid missed everything. Both sides had got a goal each – it remained a 3 goal margin.
The last quarter was a bit of a scrap. The extra 2 players made things tough for the duffs which demanded a lot run from defense… and some were running on empty. But positionally these guys looked happy to just chip things around down back… always keeping an extra player down there and not allowing the Stack forwards any space to mark. The Stacks loose players created a wall in the middle (stacks of them!) so getting past centre without run was nigh on impossible. We saw no score for the first 10mins. Spectacular… no. It was little fun for Zabs & Simon and their defenders at the other end of the ground. The one spectator watching on rightfully left the stands threw away his ticket and stormed off !
With 5 mins to go finally some excitement.. Tom got a goal to reduce the margin to 14 points. Then 3mins later Tom kicked another to make it 8 points. Could they pinch it? No….these Duff guys held on. Cluttered congested footy… but their gameplan worked. Drongo Duffs win by 7 points ! Both these teams now have 2 points.
Best Players Zabs, Owen, Cyrille, Demi, Simon
Goals Simon 5, Tom 2, Ads 2

Round 1 fixtures
7.15 Touchy Touchy/Gentle Giants v Drongo Chasers/Mighty Duffs


Award Winners 2016

Premiers: Forwards & Boks

Runners Up: Touchy Liabilities

Best Player: Trent Smith

Integrity Award: Georgina O’Neil

Best International Player: Ian Stevens

‘Mattie Lyons’ Leading Goalkicker: Trent Smith (23)

2016 Grand Final

Forwards&Boks 0.7.9 51 defeated Touchy Touchy Liabilities 0.5.6 36
Best Players F&B Col, Ian, Marcus
Best Players TTL JC, Tom, Trent

Grand Final 12.11.2016

Forward and Boks take on a combined Touchy Touchy/Liabilities side and win by 15 points. This team was full of new players to touch and many players had never even played footy in any format before. They dared to dream and amazingly fulfilled the ultimate prize. Captain Ian was solid throughout and so too Marcus but the star was the bull Col taking out the “Normie”. JC and Tom were best for the combined side and unlucky to not be in the winning side.